2016 Good Takeaway Awards

2018 Good Food Awards for Takeaways

In 2016 we launched the Good Takeaway Awards.  With 512,134 registered UK food premises throughout the United Kingdom, competition was tough and we selected just 397 to receive our prestigious Good Takeaway Award.

Following on from our Exciting Changes announced in October 2016 our Awards are now published on the 30th April each year.

Given the success of our Good Takeaway Awards we have now re-branded the Takeaway category from our Good Food Awards and all future awards will now carry our unique Good Food Award for Takeaways branding.  Previous Good Food Award Winners in the Takeaway category will now migrate over to join us at the Good Food Award for Takeaways.

Like our Good Food Awards, the Good Food Award for Takeaways, are by invitation only and each year we hand pick selected eating establishments to join our prestigious awards programme.  We will start notifying our Winners from the 01 March 2018 and we publish the results on the 30 April 2018 – we cannot wait to share our results with you.

Our Good Award branding now covers Good Food, Good Fish & Chips, Good Gastro-Pubs, Good Hotels and Good Takeaways so whether you are looking for a bite to eat, a place to wine or dine or a luxurious hotel, our awards have got you covered.  We pride our success on being free of advertisements and sponsors and we are determined to keep it that way.

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If you have enjoyed a tasty takeaway you would like to let us know about click on the nominations button below or if you are a Business Owner and would like to be considered for our 2018 Good Food Award for Takeaways then head over to our Registrations page.

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01 February 2018to28 February 2018 Review and Assessment
01 March 2018to28 April 2018 Processing and Notification
30 April 2018 Results – The Awards